3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dieting!

I’ve spent a big portion of my life jumping from one diet to another in search of the ideal weight, body and…

I learned a lot in that process but I also struggled a lot… not only then but for years after, in fact my body is still recovering…As They say, I learned it the hard way.
The truth is, I was looking for self love and connection but I was knocking on the wrong doors.

Let’s start with 3 straight forward reasons why you want to opt out of dieting:

1- Diets assumes that one size fits all
As my teacher always said; one person’s food is another person’s poison and research is now backing this up that the best “diet” for you may not be the best option for your partner or friend.Whether vegetarian, vegan, keto or, the individual responses to different diets vary enormously.
The bottom line is a diet that promotes more real foods (like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc.), and less processed foods, is going to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing.

2- Diest destroy your metabolism
Restrictive diets simply don’t work in the long-term, although the 60 billion a year weight loss industry will try to tell you a different story.
The simple truth is: when you cut calories too much, your body fights back in response, by slowing down your metabolism and activating your appetite hormones!
This very likely comes from a built- in survival mechanism from the days when food was scarce.

3- Diest are based on WHAT not WHY
Strict diets always consider WHAT we’re eating, but they don’t  consider WHY we’re eating them.
This conversion goes far beyond “we eat because we’re hungry”.
Our daily food choices are influenced by many factors including budgets, sleep schedules, cultural influences, stress levels, blood sugar levels, time, emotional trauma, and more.

What’s your experience with diets? Have you been mastering them like I did back in the days? 🙂
Let me know what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to having a happier connection with your body and the food you eat.


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