3 simple steps to support your gut health

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying “ Gut health is overall health”, many times over. Fact is, it can’t be more true, as cliche as it sounds, you are what you eat, not just today, but from the day you’ve been born, and now that you’re in a position to choose what you put in your body, everyday is an opportunity to make a difference and choose what serves you, your body and your overall health better!

Here are my 3 simple steps to start caring, in a more committed way, for your gut health:

1- Eat real food:

I can’t stress enough what a giant difference this makes!

Eat whole, real, clean and happily cultivated organic food and make sure you eat more greens, fruits and vegetables. You may say, but it’s expensive to eat healthy… I’m here to tell you, YOU’RE WORTH IT, make YOU a priority.

2- Move your body: 

It’s been proven over and over that daily exercise or some kind of movement is not only extremely beneficial for your digestive system but also for your brain, and mental wellness.

Choose something you like, dance, run, walk, Yoga, bike or… whatever that might be for you, make it a daily habit.

3- Relax:

You have more nerve connections in your belly than your brain, crazy right? 

So work on calming your mind, relaxation and soothing your nervous system. Try meditation, breathing practices, taking a daily bath, drink some soothing herbal tea, use your essential oils and…

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