3 Steps To Reconnect With Your Body

Your body tells you everything, I truly believe that!
Have you ever felt like something is wrong or right by just being present in your body?
I have…
I remember that morning after shower when I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself and I knew something was off. 3 months later I was laying in an operation room diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
I’ve learned to listen to my loving body since then, more intimately, making sure I tune in on a daily basis and stay connected as best as I can.
I let my body tell me what she needs, wants, likes or dislikes.

Here are 3 steps to awaken your connection with your body:

1- Listen:
Listen to your body, truly listen, with your heart, really feel it.

2- Ditch the negative self talk:
Acknowledge the feeling, say thank you then replace it with something more loving, something kind.

3- Move your body:
Get out in nature and move your body in any form you can so you can feel how truly amazing your body is.

Love your body and treat it with kindness, it’s the only one you have.

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