5 easy steps to create a work from home experience that you love!

1- Get Organized 

Maintaining balance is one of the most difficult aspects of working at home. To stay on track (not working too much or too little), organization is key.

Use your calendar like your life depends on it! I like to take time on a Sunday and set up my calendar for the week, and at the end of each month I also do an overall calendar plan for the new month. 

Everything goes in there from break time, to yoga to meetings to you name it. It helps me stay on task and have clear office hours. Without supervision, even the most conscientious of us can slack off. 

I also limit the number of times I check my emails, it’s challenging I know, but trust me, the world won’t end.

My go to is the Google calendar, it really makes it easy to follow and to plan.

2- Design your space

This is one so crucial!

If you can, and have the space, carve out a dedicated space that you only use for work. It will be lovely if you have some windows and can get some natural light. Set it up in a way that serves you and what you to best, meaning having things you regularly use and need handy and remove the extras. Add a little extra touch with your favorite plant or image or… make it yours.

I love to set up my diffuser and add some of my favorite essential oils and get started! Click here to see some of the oils I choose for work hours.

3- Manage your distractions 

Easier said than done, but a real challenge, when working from home is, that it’s so easy not to work. Remember you’ll need to give yourself a break sometimes, it won’t always be perfect. But if you organize yourself well, then you won’t feel guilty when you’re chilling or daydreaming.

Things like pets, TV and family members are just a few other distractions you’ll encounter when you start working at home and planning ahead is key.

And let me add this, please don’t handle personal tasks during work hours. Make sure that you are focused on the best and proper use of your time during your work hours, meaning set clear boundaries.

4- Delegate some

I think this is crucial always, but especially when you work from home. It’s easy to fall for the idea that you have unlimited time, and you can do everything yourself. 

As part of every business, there are things that need to be done which we like the least, find out what they are in your work and delegate them to someone who loves doing it and is really good at. Remember, you can also delegate things like handling household chores and cleaning. Automatization is also another great way to delegate tasks. 

5- Move, hydrate and eat well

Take regular breaks, so important! Get up, move, drink some water and stretch your body. Have some healthy and nutritious snacks handy at home, that can fuel your energy. Have your water bottle or glass always by your side, so you see it and you drink it. Drinking water and staying hydrated is the most crucial part of your overall health. I love adding a few drops of lemon or Grapefruit essential oil to my water, not only makes it tastier but has endless benefits for my body and mind.

Make clear time for meals, the first thing we always do is to ignore ourselves, and sacrifice our health and wellbeing in the name of work, so make sure you eat well and you move well. And don’t forget, get out of the house!

Now I want to hear from you, let me know which of these you’re already doing and which has inspired you to try! Is there something specific you do that makes your work from experience magical? Comment below and share your ideas with all of us!

Be love, be you!


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