5 Steps To Help You Create a Healthier Relationship With Food

And why should you care?!

Well if you’re fortunate enough to have access to food, then on average you’ll be eating at least 3 times a day, which makes eating one of the few activities you’ll do the most, day in day out, while you’re around on this planet.
So it’s safe to say, the better your relationship with food, the healthier you’ll feel.
Now if you already have a great relationship with food, fabulous, but if you don’t here are 5 steps that can help you create one:

1- Learn to listen to your body:
Your body is much more intelligent than you give it credit for, learn how to listen to its clues and guidance and not only will your relationship with food change for the better but you’ll feel healthier.

2- Stop labeling food as good or bad:
That’s hands down the best thing you can do!
Let’s start thinking about how much of what you eat and how often as opposed to good VS bad.

3- Prepare for stressful moments:
As much as we all try our best to live a stress free life, stressful moments are inevitable, having a game plan for those moments will help you stay away from stress or binge eating.

4- Plan meals and enjoy while you eat:
A little preparation goes a long way!
One of the best ways to improve your relationship with food and make sure you eat well and nourish yourself with what your body can thrive on, is to have certain things prepared ahead of time and create a basic meal plan for your week. This way not only you’ll save time but you’ll enjoy your food way more.

5- Don’t punish yourself for the food you ate:
We all eat things we know aren’t so good for us, that’s called being human. So next time you indulge in something that wasn’t the best choice for you, give yourself permission to enjoy it and don’t punish yourself afterwards and remind yourself, it’s not about good VS bad, it’s about how much of what and how often.

You can start today by choosing one of these steps and grow into them one step at the time.
Remember what you eat matters, but your relationship with it matters even more.

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