A Yogurt Dip You Don’t Want To Miss!

In chapter one of her book “ The art of gathering”, Priya Parker begins by asking the question; why do we gather?
She continues by saying:
“ We gather to solve problems we can’t solve on our own. We gather to celebrate, to mourn and to mark transitions. We gather to make decisions. We gather because we need one another. We gather to show strength.” 

So we gathered yesterday, a group of outstanding, talented, strong, passionate women committing to a bold sharp purpose.

It was a dream in the making and I was beyond myself preparing to host, make food and connect. 
My main focus, while preparing the menu, was on offering a seasonal menu, plant-based of course, that’s mostly cooling and light.

And one of my personal favorite items on the menu was the “Iranian Yogurt dip”. A true delight for your senses, cooling, nutritious and delicious. 
Yogurt never tasted better! 

1 pint Cashew Yogurt (I used Forager Project
Handful of Walnut, broken to smaller chunks
Handful of Golden Raisins
3 tablespoons fresh Dill, chopped 
Dash of salt + Pepper 
Dried Rose Petals to sprinkle on top 

Just mix everything, sprinkle the rose petals on top and serve!
And yes you can eat the rose petals.

I love to use Cashew Yogurt, not only because I like the taste but also because of the consistency it gives and the creaminess.
This is such an easy and quick to prepare cooling food option for these hot summer days. You can eat alone, as a side or as a dip.
Also feel free to play with the amount of Walnut and Raisins you add in. I’d say be generous but don’t go overboard.
If you have some dried mint handy, you can also add a dash of that to the mix.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Pro Tip:
Once you mix everything, let it sit aside for at least 15 min before you indulge.

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