She was seating in what felt like the most uncomfortable position in the world, pulling her tongue as far out as possible and roaring on every breathe. That was my first intro to yoga, I was about 9 years old, watching my aunt through the crack of her bedroom door, practicing  yoga and what I later learned the “Lion’s breathe”. It was mesmerizing, she seemed so powerful but yet so peaceful, I was obsessed! However it only took me a good 20 something years later, to actually get started. Off course I was jumping in a yoga class, here and there to relax and stretch, specially after intensive trainings and exercises, nothing more.

Things started to change though, after my cancer treatment, I needed to heal, my body was weak and I had zero stamina. My friend suggested that I join her for a yoga class, and I thought, well I guess I can try that, worst case scenario, I’ll stay in child’s pose for the whole class, and that my friend was the beginning of the rest of my life!

The secret; keep showing up on that mat, everyday damn day!


10 years ago, this was my daily mantra. Panic attack had no mercy on me, hitting me out of the blue, several times a week, and all I could think about was; what a dreadful way to die!

I know, it sounds really dramatic, but it truly was how I felt, so you can imagine my desperation, I would've tried anything to make it go away. One winter night as I was juggling to find a solution that could pull me out of my misery, I decided to take myself out for a stroll on the shores of the Persian Gulf, in the futuristic city of Dubai, where I was living at the time. The winter night market was in full swing and I'd zero interest in buying anything, but suddenly I came across this tiny booth, owned by this tiny lady, selling all sorts of tiny things. There it was, a giant sign flashing at me " BREATHE"!

It was obviously calling my name! I went closer and realized she's selling herbal pillows and essential oils. So off course I picked up the one that said "BREATHE" which came with a bottle of Peppermint oil, and took it home for a test drive.

Guess what happened next? Life was never the same, as soon as I'd feel the panic is coming, few drops of Peppermint oil on the pillow and my nose deep into it. My breathing would go back to normal in a minute, I kid you not, it was a miracle!

You've asked me, many times, why I work with essential oils? Why I want to get them into every single home? Why I want you to get yours and never stop using them? Why  why why? The answer is simple my friend, because in changed my life, with a CAPITAL C, and I know it can change yours too!




I love traveling , learn new things, see new places. My creative tool is a camera, my practice is yoga, I have oversized passion for natural medicine and alternative healing modalities and my mission is to create change in the world with every step I take, as tiny as they maybe.

So I’ve decided to combine all that I know, all that I’m passionate about and all that inspires me in one place and offer retreats that are creative, healing and empowering. From a place of love to a place of love, connecting all the good that still exists in this world, one step at the time.





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