Happy Belly Tea

Ok this is truly one of my all time favorite drinks and I kid you not, I drink this everyday! It became a habit of mine while traveling in India, I could find it everywhere, served in a giant glass with tones of ginger in it.Ginger is like a warm blanket for your belly and …

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Heart warming Kitchari

The very first time I did a cleanse was in India, during my time in my favorite place in Nashik, while living and studying in an Ashram. We did a full body cleanse that included certain movements and breath work and… then for 3 days breakfast, lunch and dinner and anytime we felt hungry we …

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Hair Growth with Essential Oils

As a human being you naturally lose a certain amount of hair on a daily basis, and that’s not only ok but needed to make space for new hair to grow, but sometimes and due to many different factors, you may start losing way more hair than usual. Have you ever had that heart gripping feeling …

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Red Lentil & Lemongrass Soup

I love anything that has anything to do with soups and stews. I’m a Vata dominant, If you’re into Ayurveda you know what that means, if you’re not then simply put, more often than not I feel cold. In many parts of the world we’re gently approaching Spring, but it’s still not as warm as …

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Let’s Have a Date!

Dates are by far one of my most favorite fruits and the best companion to my tea. Honestly my favorite way of having dates is just plain simple when I’m having a cup of tea, as a side sweetener, they’re not only delicious but extremely beneficial.Dates are high on antioxidants, good for your brain, they …

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DIY: Foaming Hand Soap

One of the things you’re doing more than ever these days is washing your hands, right?Your skin is your largest organ, and whatever goes on your skin gets into your body, just like the food you eat. So not only you want to make sure what you put on you is free of unwanted chemicals, …

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Green Mandarin & Coconut Yogurt Heaven

Ready for a match made in heaven? The creaminess of Coconut mixed with the juicy citrus flavor or Green Mandarin, makes for a heavenly breakfast or in my case a mid afternoon snack, and the best part is, it’s super easy. YOU NEED: 2 cups of full fat coconut milk 2-3 drops of Green Mandarin …

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DIY soothing foot cream

DIY: Comforting foot cream

It’s no secret that your feet are super crucial when it comes to your balance, skeletal health, your mood and mind aka relaxation and the obvious act of walking. Nursing a fractured toe for the last 5 weeks, and experiencing first hand, how much I CAN’T do when I’m not activating a foot, I’d say …

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Turn your home to a forest in less than a minute

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better ”, said Albert Einstein. If nature is right outside your doorsteps then lucky you, but if not then I’d say the closest thing to that is making this super easy Natural air freshener. You need: ¼ cup baking Soda 5-6 drops Black Spruce Essential …

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