S.HE: Bay area

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S.HE: Nastaran Mohit

Meeting in East Harlem, it only took few minutes and one sweet story about Nastaran’s imagination about her name for us to bound and laugh so hard to the point that breathing was an issue! ” Once I asked my mother about my name and she told me that it’s a name of a wild rose in Iran. Growing up I remember envisioning …

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Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who made the effort and visited S.HE last night and in the last few days, its been an incredible experience! Thank you for those who supported me from far away lands, thank you to everybody who couldn’t be there but their love and energy was fully present. Thank you …

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S.HE: Debbie Li

Debbie and I met, bounded over a sweaty after class conversation, I think that’s  most likely the experience for most people when they meet Debbie, and that says it all on how sweet, genuine, transparent and how truthful Debbie is. From a small town in Taiwan all the way to NYC, Debbie works with a small non profit organization that …

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S.HE: Talia

Something unique happens when strength and confidence mixes with sweetness and softness, it’s a magical blend, it attracts you right away, you want more and more of it, it’s refreshing and inspiring, Talia is that blend! A full time yoga teacher in NYC, Talia was introduce to Yoga when she was 6 years old, when her …

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S.HE: Alsarah

When you are set to spend time with East-African retro pop singer, Alsarah, you know you are up for some fun time, lots of laughter, great conversations and amazing creative collaborations. “When I was very little I had an imaginary friend that I would talk to all the time whom I also though was god. He was a …

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S.HE: Patti Carpenter

Born in Washington DC, Patti Carpenter, has one of those smiles that stays with you for a very long time and when she laughs you totally forget all your worries, as if there is no tomorrow or that anything you dream is possible, she is that kind of energy. After over 20 years of success as a fashion designer in the fashion district …

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