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Ready to ditch overwhelm, create habits that stick, change your health for the long haul and live a healthy life, all while you're rocking your business?
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WHEN : JULY 21,22 &23

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What Will You Learn?

  • The inside job to create a roadmap from where you are to where you want to be, prioritizing YOU and your health and wellbeing, LESS STRESS more EASE!
  • The mind, body and environment connection and how to create a flow that works for you without the need of extra time!
  • How to choose your journey and set yourself up for success.

Who am I, you may ask?

Hi, my name is Nousha, I’m a fellow entrepreneur and for the past 12 years I’ve been on a mission of reclaiming my own health and helping others do the same!
In 2009 after I got my cancer diagnosis, I completely hit rock bottom...I was doing the work I loved, I was working with dream clients and agencies, and yes I was working 24/7 and barely had time to breathe.
Work was great, income was steady and growing and it really felt like I was the embodiment of success, but the day when my body pressed the eject button, I realized that I got it all wrong, that  success without health and happiness is worth nothing!
Can you relate?
So as I laid on that cold surgery room ready to be cut open, I promised myself two things:

And why You should listen to me?

1- To get out of that room alive
2- To change the way I live and prioritize my health and wellbeing, for as long as I shall live

Fast forward today, I’m an integrative nutrition health coach and I help busy entrepreneurs like you and me, to move from overwhelmed to overjoyed, and create a healthy lifestyle that works best for them, while building and growing a successful business.
Are you ready to become the healthiest happiest version of yourself? Ready to say YES to YOU, choose YOU, every single day? Then join me on this 3 day challenge, let's write a new chapter, together. See you on the bright side!


What Do You get When You Join?

  • 3 epic days of 60 min training, starting at 11:00 am PST, everyday!
  • Q& A + Hot seats (VIP Access Only!)
  • Access to our awesome private community
  • Daily worksheets 

AND.... BONUS!!!
A very special session with Karen Small, EFT practitioner and Numerologist!!

What Others Are Saying From Previous Programs


Charlene Modeste

"A liberating experience. I found myself shedding old ideas and self-imposed restrictions that no longer served me or my purpose. In exchange, a healthier and more loving version of myself in mind, body and spirit was allowed to step forward, pretty amazing!


Karen Small

"It challenged me to slow down and get mindful about my commitment to the process. I felt accountable because Nousha shows up consistently with passion"


Ashley Menestrina

"Nousha has an incredible eye for cultivating group dynamics that make the individual tasks we were doing feel much more connected. I know I uncovered some deep truth about myself that I have been putting off."

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