Change Your Morning, Change Your Day!

The first thing that came to my mind was, there’s no way I can write 3 pages of stuff first thing in the morning, what is she thinking?!?
That was my first thought when I heard Julia Cameron talk about the daily habit of morning pages, and if you’re someone who doesn’t write or journal in the morning, you’ll probably have similar thoughts.

But once I started this practice, I was surprised how easily I can write and what a powerful tool it is!

What are morning pages? Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. They’re  not high art and there’s no wrong way to do it. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only.

Some of the benefits you can experience by doing morning pages:

  • Helps with your creativity
  • Provides you with clarity every morning and makes the day ahead much easier
  • Reduces anxiety and overthinking 
  • Helps you feel your feeling in writing and get them outside of you
  • A fantastic Idea generator
  • You’ll be tuning into your heart and trust your intuition way better than before

The idea behind the morning page is simple, wake up and  write three letter-size, handwritten pages each morning. Do not overthink it, just put three pages of anything on the page…and then do three more pages tomorrow.

Do you already have this habit? If yes, how is it supporting you? If not, comment below and tell me if you have a different practice. Would you be willing to give morning pages a try? 



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