Clove: The Oil of Boundaries

Stimulating, energizing and famous for it’s ability to cleanse your teeth and gums, clove takes you right back down memory lane, to the good old days of jar candies and stone hard s=chewing gums, the moment you smell it’s woody and warm aroma.

Known also as the oil of boundaries, clove supports you in letting go of the victim mentality. Times when you feel powerless over the changes in your life and surroundings, can’t let go of the self-sabotaging patterns, when you feel you need a push over to say “NO” to what doesn’t serve you and regaining strength to stand up for yourself, that’s when you crack open your clove essential oil and start inhaling it, straight from the bottle.

On a physical level, clove is your go to, when that out of nowhere toothache breaks out, it’ll keep it at bay till you get your tush to the dentist, just dilute it with a carrier oil and apply on the area of pain. It also has a great impact on your metabolism, circulation and it’s a fabulous immune booster, when taken internally or diluted and applied over specific organs, topically.

This powerful antioxidant, is your November gift, when you order your 125pv LRP between 1st -15th of the month.

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