Craving Sugar After Your Food? Read This!

Most of us, almost out of habit, start looking for something sweet right after we finish our meals.
I admit it first, I love desserts! 
And I know that from personal experience as well as working with many clients that eliminating that last course of the meal is the hardest.

You hear that from experts, all the time; Eliminate your sugar. And the reason is very simple, sugar is just empty calories with no nutritional value and since it has nothing to do in your body, it gets accumulated in the fat cells and leads to weight gain.

Now the question is, why do you crave sugar after your meal?

Here are some ideas:

1- After your meals, the main function of the body, which takes lots of energy, is digestion.
And because of that the body craves an energy spike which it can easily get from sugar.

2- The craving is mostly because of psychological reasons rather than physiological ones. The craving is based on a habit of finishing your meal with something sweet. Regular consumption of foods high in sugar and fat leads to a certain neurochemical wiring in the brain that automatically triggers the craving for these types of foods. 
If you have always associated “meal-ending” with something sweet, it’s harder to cut the craving out!

3- Consuming sugar (or other simple carbohydrates) is said to enhance the absorption of the amino acid Tryptophan found in some foods. The Tryptophan then enables an increased production of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood-elevation. Sugary desserts cause Serotonin levels to rise, which make you feel happier, calmer and satisfied.

4- Uneven blood sugar levels after meals may also trigger these cravings. If your meal is not well balanced, and consists mainly of carbohydrates (especially simple carbs), it results in an immediate spike in the blood sugar levels, only to drop suddenly after the meal.

5- The cravings can also come as your body’s way to create balance after you had a very salty meal.

Nevertheless when you look across all cultures and traditions you’ll see the pattern of a good meal always ends with a good dessert!

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1 thought on “Craving Sugar After Your Food? Read This!”

  1. Niloofar Mehrad

    I always have strong cravings specially when I eat rice , and I recently just stay with it without eating sugar after my meals, if it’s too strong I try to eat fresh or dried fruits.

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