DIY: Comforting foot cream

DIY soothing foot cream

It’s no secret that your feet are super crucial when it comes to your balance, skeletal health, your mood and mind aka relaxation and the obvious act of walking.

Nursing a fractured toe for the last 5 weeks, and experiencing first hand, how much I CAN’T do when I’m not activating a foot, I’d say my love and admiration for my feet has grown tremendously.

The reality is that for the most part, this amazing part of your body is often neglected… So I’d say let’s change that narrative, one step at the time, starting my maybe giving yourself a foot massage every night for 5 min, what do you think?

It’s simple enough, doesn’t need much time, and you can do it right before you go to bed, which helps with smoother transition to sleep, bingo!

I have a super nice and extremely effective foot cream recipe for you, which you can make and keep in a container by your bedside and use it every night to amplify the benefits of the foot massage and love your feet on a deeper level.


1 teaspoon beeswax (for my vegan friends, you can substitute this with Soy wax or Olive wax)

2 tablespoons Cocoa butter

4 tablespoons Shea butter 

1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil

2 tablespoons Fractionated Coconut oil 

10 Drops Copaiba Essential oil


1- In a small glass container, combine all the ingredients except Copaiba Essential Oil.

2- Place in a saucepan with 1 – 1 ½ inches of boiling water.

3- Stir the ingredients until combined (Approx 5-10 min).

4- Once melted, remove from heat and let rest for 3 min.

5- Add Copaiba and stir.

6- Let the mixture come to a solid. To quicken the process, place in your refrigerator.

7- Once solid, use an electric mixer to whip the lotion. Gradually come to high speed and whip for 3-4 min or until light and fluffy.

8- Place in a container. To use, rub on your heels to help soften and soothe or all over your foot for a relaxing effect.

Now go love those feet!



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