The Experience

With 3 mini vans, loaded all the way up to the roof, with bags of foods, clothes and some basic hygiene essentials, we arrived at the first of the 5 villages, we're meant to visit that day. The extend of poverty in India, is no news to anyone, but I feel like you only really absorb the reality of what that means, once you're there in the heart of it. Children were running around the vans, and before we knew it, everyone was there to welcome us. Seeing the hope in their eyes, the smile on their faces, the gratitude, the joy, knowing that what you're doing is changing their day, their week… It was priceless!

Seva or selfless service, an act of serving others without expecting anything in return, thought me that gratitude is the magic ingredient to lasting happiness, that showing up fully, no matter what, feeds the fire of your soul and when you serve from a place of love it'll bring you more love.

Right there and then, I knew I wanted to be of service, but I wasn’t sure how. So I decided to combine everything I knew how to do, with all that I was good at and all that inspired me in one big bowl, mixed them well and give it time to rise, put the dough in the oven and let it bake. What came out of my oven was "The Experience", a heart driven service, that includes traveling, relaxing, exploring, learning, and most importantly serving others.

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