When was the last time you said “I LOVE YOU” to yourself? Like actually saying it out loud? ummm…. I thought so. 

It’s that time of the year if you’re single, you may feel a little out of place, and it really shouldn’t feel this way. We typically associate love, when we love someone or something and we tend to loose sight of “self- love”, so let’s change that story, shall we?

Love affair 101:

1- Every morning stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say : ….. I LOVE YOU (fill the bank with your name). Say it out loud, not in your mind, and say at a minimum of 5 times and smile.

2- Take yourself out for lunch, put your phone away, order your favorite food, and indulge on every bite.

3- Plan a pampering session, whatever that might be for you.I’m personally a sucker for a good deep massage. Plan it in your calendar, block the time in your week for it, book it and enjoy!

4- Take a bath daily or every other day and let the water clean and nourish you. Maybe with a candle, a glass of you favorite beverage and few drops of Lavender essential oil in the tub.

5- Take 5 min daily to acknowledge something you achieved that day, journal it. It can be that you wanted to get up 15 min earlier and you did it or wanted to connect with an old friend or….

6- Don’t wait for anyone else to say “ I LOVE YOU”, it will come in time, meanwhile love yourself to the moon and back.

Last but not least, buy yourself a caring loving gift and I’m not talking about running into shops looking for sales and getting overwhelmed, or becoming a shopaholic, I’m talking about indulging yourself. For me is usually buying something that indulges my senses, and more often than not, essential oils are my go to. My all time Favorite is Vetiver, what’s yours? Curious to see my self-love selection? Just click LOVE

You’re beautiful!


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