Grapefruit: The oil of honoring the body

Enchanting smell, delightful taste, refreshing and energizing, Grapefruit oil is here to teach you how to appreciate and respect your physical body.

Common negative emotions such as:

Body shaming

Eating issues

Obsessed with dieting

Distorted self-image

Can be replaced, over time, with positive properties and emotions like:

Body acceptance

Healthy relationship with food

Respect for physical needs

This yummy oil, helps you curb emotional eating, by encouraging you to have a positive relationship with your body based on love, tolerance and acceptance.

I love using it in my body scrub, it smells amazing and gets those cellulites moving, also few drops, daily in my water, love the taste, smell and it helps me with my sweet tooth and sugar cravings.

This delight is the oil of the month, and your gift, this January, when you order your 125 PV LRP between 1st-15th of the month.

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