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"A liberating experience. I found myself shedding old ideas and self-imposed restrictions that no longer served me or my purpose. In exchange, a healthier and more loving version of myself in mind, body and spirit was allowed to step forward. Pretty amazing.

Thank you."

Charlene Modeste 


"Working with Nousha has inspired me to have a healthier lifestyle. Her passion for healthy food  is infectious. Nousha lights up when she speaks of shopping at local markets and her gentle way of communicating ideas and shifts will leave you curious for more. My life is better for having worked with Nousha."

Karen Small 


"Nousha has an incredible eye for cultivating group dynamics that make the individual tasks we were doing feel much more connected. I know I uncovered some deep truths about myself that I have been putting off. I got outside my comfort zone and never want to go back."

Ashely Menestrina


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