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"I am so excited to be working with Nousha and experiencing her unique approach to overall health and well-being.  After decades of unsuccessfully attempting to achieve good health through excessive measures with diet and exercise, and always through the lens of not-enoughness, it is so refreshing to land with a guide who is teaching me that the best recipe for a healthy and aligned mind, body and soul only has one ingredient.  Love. I am so grateful to Nousha for sharing my vision of loving myself into optimal health and for gently facilitating my empowerment and lasting transformation."

Tara W


Is This You?

There comes a time when you know you're ready to change your relationship with food for good!

  • You want to become fearless around food and create a dream relationship with it
  • You are ready to process your emotions instead of eating them
  • You want to let go of fad diets, trends and restrictions that doesn’t serve you
  • You can’t wait to fall in love with your body and feel at home in your own skin



"Working with Nousha has inspired me to have a healthier lifestyle. Her passion for healthy food  is infectious. Nousha lights up when she speaks of shopping at local markets and her gentle way of communicating ideas and shifts will leave you curious for more. My life is better for having worked with Nousha."

Karen Small 

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