Healthy habits: Morning Routines & The Ritual of Making Your Bed

There are two types of people—those that make their bed and those that leave it undone each day, which one are you?
In the book, published in 2017, William H. McRaven, a retired Navy four-star admiral, explains the idea that making your bed in the morning sets you up for success. His theory is that just by making your bed, you’ve accomplished at least that one thing. In addition to providing a quick sense of daily accomplishment, some people find making the bed calming as well.
Making the bed is about setting an intention to do the little things that support your life in an orderly, thoughtful, responsible and balanced manner. If you want to start making your bed, it’s more likely to become a daily habit if you incorporate it into your routine. It may take more conscious effort  in the beginning  but after you make it for a week or two, without missing a day, it will likely become reflexive, just like brushing your teeth.

Here are some tips:

  • 1- Do it as soon as you get up , it only takes a minute, if you leave it for later, you won’t come back to it.
  • 2- Link it to something you already do, like drinking a glass water as soon you wake up or brushing your teeth
  • 3- Leave a note for yourself by your bedside or on your bathroom mirror as a reminder
  • 4- Remember, the process is as simple as pulling the cover 🙂

  • Comment below and tell me which one are you? Do you make your bed or it’s really not your jam


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