How to ease your mind with these 3 simple steps

Intense days, I know… 

We’re feeling the feels as a collective and you need to have a few simple tricks in your pocket to ease the nerves or else…

I’m not gonna even go there, so let’s just get to it:

1- Stop:

Stop everything you’re doing, right now. If you’re seated and working behind your desk, get up. Give your body a good shake, top to toe, and release. Walk away from that spot, maybe go wash your face, or drink a nice large glass of water.

Phone away, headphones away, glasses off the face, find a nice spot to sit or to lay down.

2- Relax:

Seat or laydown on your back, arms away from the body. Grab an oil like Frankincense, Adaptiv, Balance or Cedarwood, a few drops in your palms, cup the hands and take a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes, one hand on heart and one on belly, bring your attention to your breath.

Count 4 for inhale, count 4 for exhale and hold for 1, then repeat for the next 5 min. If you need to set a timer, set your clock away from you, especially if it’s your phone and make sure all other notifications are off.

Anytime your mind wonders, or tricks you to get up and get going, just come back to your breath and stay.

3- Regroup:

Once the timer goes off, slowly open your eyes and gently, taking your sweet time, stand up. Go get another glass of water  with some lemon essential oil in it and possibly a little treat like a piece of fruit or a few almonds. 

And then off you go, get on with it!

You can do this as many times during the day as you must, it’s just 5 min that will serve you for hours.

Now if you want to take it to the next level, have your diffuser running right where you are and diffuse:

3 drops Litsea

3 drops Frankincense

3 drops Wild Orange


Love you


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