How To Eat Healthy While On Vacation?

Nothing speaks “vacation” louder than the summer time!
Vacations are about getting away from it all, seeing new places and trying new things and one of the best parts of it is diving into the local food culture. However enjoying your vacation and keeping your health goals intact is usually a top concern…

These are few things I do to stay aligned with my health goals and healthy lifestyle while traveling:
1. Bring your own snacks:
Pack travel-friendly nibbles for the plane or car ride such as mix nuts and seeds, carrot and celery sticks, dates, apples and…
Packing a small veggie wrap or nut butter sandwich can also come in handy, especially if you’re traveling long distances.

2- Shop local:
My favorite thing to do on vacation is to visit local farmers markets!
Not only will you get the flavor of the place and talk to local people, you can also get some fabulous fruits and vegetables.

3- Avoid the mini-bar:
If you’re staying in a hotel, avoid what’s in that  little refrigerator in your room!
Mini bars are filled with snacks and drinks loaded with sugar and salt. Instead, choose to pick up snacks at the local farmers market or grocery and stock your room with simple foods, such as fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and pre-cut vegetables.

4- Make own meals:
If you’re staying in a house or an apartment and have a kitchen, take advantage of it!
You can choose to make your own breakfast or maybe cook one meal a day depending on your daily plan.
Experiment with local produce and items you might not be able to get at home, buy bread from bakeries in town and search for small grocery stores with unique items.

5– Stay Hydrated:
Dehydration is common when traveling, especially when flying. Bring an empty water bottle to the airport and fill it once you are past the security checkpoint. Stock up on water bottles once you are at your destination and bring a bottle wherever you go.

It goes without saying that moving your body plays a huge role in keeping you aligned with your health goals. Walking is one of my favorite ways to keep moving while on vacation, it’s also the best way to explore a new place.

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