How to Stay Focus and Alert All Day, Everyday!

Have you ever sat at your desk not knowing what you had planned next? Although everything is lined up on your planner and calendar, your mind is going everywhere and nowhere, what a strange place to be right? One of the most common challenges I hear about is lack of focus and the ability of staying sharp and connected to the task at hand. There are many reasons why you may lose sight or focus, from lack of proper rest and sleep to lack of nutrition, there are so many different aspects of your life that you can start observing to see how they impact your ability to stay sharp and alert. One of the easy ways you can get support in this area is using these essential oils daily:
** Peppermint, the oil of joy and buoyancy, I love inhaling that from my cup hands throughout the day and anytime I feel my energy is dying down and my mind is getting scattered.
** Rosemary, the oil of Knowledge and transition, I find diffusing it alongside lemon, while I’m working really helps my mind to stay focused and sharp.
** Lemon, the oil of focus, I take a drop in a glass of water to refresh and diffuse it with Rosemary.
** Motivate, the oil of motivation, I love rolling this over my wrist and pulse points.
** InTune, the oil of presence, it’s a game changer for me in moments when I’ve lost track of what I’m doing or what I was supposed to do next. Rolling it in the back of the neck, behind the ears and my wrists usually does the trick 🙂

Do you have any of these oils? Which one? Comment below and tell me, how do you use them.

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