Let’s Have a Date!

Dates are by far one of my most favorite fruits and the best companion to my tea. Honestly my favorite way of having dates is just plain simple when I’m having a cup of tea, as a side sweetener, they’re not only delicious but extremely beneficial.
Dates are high on antioxidants, good for your brain, they help regulate your blood sugar, high in fiber and very nutritious.
If you’re not much into dates or newish then this recipe may change your relationship over night.

1.5 cup pitted Medjool dates
3 tablespoons dark Cacao Powder (be generous) 
1 tablespoons melted Coconut oil
Optional coating: Cinnamon, Coconut shred, Cacao nibs, More Cacao powder and…


1- Mix all the ingredients in a food processor for few minutes, until you see them clump together and totally glued to each other
2- Wet your hands and roll the mixture into small balls.
3- Roll the balls to the coating of your choice over a sheet of baking paper
4- Cool them in the fridge for 15 min 

And off you go, just don’t finish the whole thing at once 🙂




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