Walking home yesterday, I passed by a store filled with hearts, red things, valentine notes and… It made me think, why we to choose specific times to celebrate essential things, something as essential as love. Don’t you agree that love needs to be celebrated everyday?

I believe that love is a force of life , it’s what connects us to everything and everyone around us, it’s the most precious emotional experience common through all creation and the highest vibration there is.

But here’s when the plot thickens, to experience love in any kind, form, shape and vibration, you need to start with loving yourself. How can you love someone or something wholeheartedly if you don’t love yourself? How can you elevate that vibration for others if you don’t have it within you? 

Maybe you can… but I can’t, and for the longest time I didn’t know that…Ha!

I was loving and caring to others, attending to everyone’s needs, pampering, giving… yet I would stand in front of the mirror and critic myself, my body, the way I looked… 

Every time I would not succeed on something, no matter how small or big, I’d would critic myself to the bone, no forgiveness, no kindness…

Wake up call came around 12 years ago… Imagine, it took me almost 30 years, wow!

I realized, that with all the good intentions I have in my heart, if I don’t care for me, if I don’t love Nousha first, there’s no way I can fully show up for the work that I do, there’s no way I can fully love someone… I’ll be honest with you, this process wasn’t pretty and I’m still stitching  bits and pieces but it’s so beyond worth it when you commit to yourself.

Now everyday, I find simple and easy ways to celebrate, give and receive love, starting right at home base, so I can show up on the high note.

Here are my 5 simple steps to get started with the practice of self-love:

1- Say I love you: 

Seriously, practice this and it will change your life! 

Say “I love you, ……” (Put your name there) out loud, few times a day. The first time my teacher made me do that, I literally couldn’t do it… He was not giving up, we were there for a while before I managed to get one word out of my mouth, followed by a long standing river of tears. 

Do it, daily, I dare you!

2- Care for what you eat:

Eat happy food!

You are what you eat, even if you think it’s cliche, it’s true. Eat fresh food, food that’s serves your mind and body. Drink water, lots of it. When the body is dehydrated, nothing functions the way it should, brain fog, indigestion, crazy cravings and… It really effects your mood and how you feel.

I love adding 2 ,3 drops of lemon essential oil in my water, specially in the morning and throughout the day I alternate that with Grapefruit essential oil. It’s tasty, makes drinking water fun, and has tones of benefits for your body.

3- Make time for self-care:


It’s so easy to slack on this one, making everything else a priority and put yourself at the very end of the list, which is often ignored.

Put time for self care on your calendar, I mean it, just like your meetings. Start with 20 min per day, so it’s achievable.

Stretch your body, take a nap, meditate, do your home Spa, seat and have a cup of tea while listening to your favorite tune, roll your Rose touch essential oilover your heart and along the inner arms (where the heart meridians are), take time off from all your gadgets, it’s only 20 min, trust me the world won’t end!

4- Take time away:

Yes I know staycations are the best, I love it too, but the truth is, you need to take time off and away from your regular environment. You can’t do that everyday, but you can make plans for every 3 months. Go somewhere, even if it’s only 3 hours away and only for 2 days. You won’t believe the impact it has on your mood and nervous system.Then once or twice a year make a plan for a longer trip, a real time away, go on a retreat (come with me March 15th – 22nd to Thailand) go somewhere you’ve never been, let your creativity be nourished by the energy of new discoveries.

5- Learn how to say “NO”

One of my teachers, Marie Forleo, always says “ Every time you say yes to something you’re saying no to something else”.

The point is, don’t say yes when you want to say no. Practice self-love, no compromise here, if something doesn’t align with who you are, don’t say yes, don’t take it on and torture yourself in the process. Practice that daily, with grace and kindness and see what happens.

Saying all that, it’s February and everyone is thinking about love and celebrating it one way or another, so I’d like to invite you a challenge, let’s go viral, shall we?

Start sharing your acts of self love, on your social media platforms, I’d say IG but choose whichever is your go to, and use #loveyourselfeverydamnday 

No matte if it’s you sharing getting a massage, having a 20 min Spa day, using your oils or…Use the hashtag and share. 

The message you’re sending here is loud and clear “ YOU are loved”!

Love you,



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