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30 days of creative connection

Turn your fears to dreams, your dreams into reality.Look inwards, reconnect and share your story.

Use the creative power of photography for the purpose of personal growth and healing. Start seeing what’s beautiful in what you previously perceived ordinary.

It starts with YOU!


 It’s the time to connect with love in an intimate way.

Express yourself in creative ways, invest in YOU so you can invest in your work and your passion. 

Choose how you show up in the world.


Date: TBC

30 days

You + Me and an amazing group of creative seekers.

Are you Ready?


Hi, I'm Nousha

I’m a storyteller, and I’m passionate about YOUR story!

I’m deeply rooted in finding creative and authentic ways for self expression.

Does it mean that I’ve achieved expression mastery?

Hell no!! But you know what? I’ve been working on it every single day for the last decade, and very likely I’ll be working on it till the end. 

Through my journey I’ve discovered that the only way to find freedom, it’s to be who you are, to really own it and stand in that truth, all of it.

The simple truth is, to be free is to accept and LOVE yourself.

And that’s what I want for YOU!


"This was a liberating experience. I found myself shedding old ideas and self-imposed restrictions that no longer served me or my purpose. In exchange, a healthier and more loving version of myself in mind, body and spirit was allowed to step forward. Pretty amazing.

Thank you."

Charlene Modeste 

What to Expect

Love notes

Weekly emails, directly to your inbox and daily ideas, inspiration, prompts, suggestions and random surprises.

Creative assignments

Weekly live coaching via zoom, photo assignments, mindful practices (Breath work & Meditation), inspiring Playlist, Q&A and resources.


Staying connected, being supported and loved by an inspiring and creative community. A safe and loving container for you to grow self-love and be who you are!

Bonus Masterclasses

The opportunity to work with experts in different creative fields (Taping, Body movement, writing, mindfulness and...) and discover how to even find a deeper access into your heart. 

1:1 Coaching

Bonus 1:1 coaching sessions with me, tailored specific to you, your desires and your journey of self discovery. 

Group work

Brain storming in smaller more intimate groups, receiving support, feedback and building friendships while you're at it.


"Had a super fun month being inspired and surrounded by AMAZING woman. This group project was probably the best thing I ever did for myself! Photography, music, meditation, writing, affirmations, trust, and really digging deep to find my roots. Thank you Nousha, I feel blessed to be a part of this." #loveyourselfeverydamnday

Marian Hammer

This is for YOU if:

  • You have an urge to create
  • You’re itching for that sensation to feel like yourself
  • You’ve struggled with self expression and felt angry or irritated as result 
  • You’re ready to rediscover yourself
  • You’re looking for a daily creative ritual 
  • You want to overcome limitation and find creative freedom 
  • You’re looking for ways to brew and give birth to ideas
  • You’ve struggled with been vulnerable
  • You enjoy taking photos
  • You’re over thinking and complicating your creative process
  • You’re looking to connect with a community of like minded people

This is for you, if you're ready to LOVE YOURSELF like never before!


"Nousha brought together an intimate group of women all looking to put in the work to see real change. She has an incredible eye for cultivating group dynamics that make the individual tasks we were doing feel much more connected. I know I uncovered some deep truths about myself that I have been putting off. Between the creative photography tasks to the daily affirmations to the breathing and meditating, I got outside my comfort zone and never want to go back."

Ashely Menestrina


"I cannot say enough good things about this program. Nousha is an amazing facilitator. She brought together a group of women—many complete strangers & not only gave us tools & resources to love ourselves every damn day but joyfully nurtured & showed us love every single day. I made wonderful new lifelong friends whom I cherish & I learned so much from this program that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Things that I intend to apply every damn day, thank you Nousha! "

Denice Davis


"I loved the connection and sharing with in the diverse group of people. It highlighted how we are all connected in some way. I enjoyed sharing and hearing each person’s personal journey during our time together. It challenged me to slow down and get mindful about my commitment to the process. I felt accountable because Nousha shows up consistently with passion. The combination of theme, focus, affirmations, yoga, music, essential oils and reading was well thought through.

Karen Small


  • You’ll have lots of fun
  • You’ll discover that you’re more creative than you know
  • You’ll get intimate with your heart and connect with the real YOU
  • You’ll create your own tailored daily creative rituals
  • You’ll make some awesome new friends
  • You’ll take tons of photos!
  • You’ll overcome your own limiting beliefs 
  • You’ll breathe deeper and find stillness in your mind
  • You’ll become a storyteller
  • You may even discover a brand new career in there
  • You’ll fall in love with simplicity and clarity

And most importantly, you'll LOVE YOURSELF EVERY DAMN DAY! 


I'm on a mission and I want you with me!


Have questions? Email me directly: nousha@noushasalimi.com

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