Rescue Me

Title of a song by Madonna, Circa 1991, yes I’m a hardcore fan, in case you didn’t know that already, and I’m beyond myself that I’ll be seeing her in NYC this fall!

There’s a line where she says “ I’m saying, I’m saying, I’m saying, I believe that you can rescue me” and that’s exactly how I feel about this picture you’re looking at. These blends are solid in our house, we use them all the time and they rescue me every single day!

Let’s start with Balance, I use balance every morning right as I wake up, before even leaving the bed. I seat up, grab my balance, and massage a drop or two on the bottom of my feet. An awesome way to start the day, feeling grounded, and giving a boost to your circulation. We also love diffusing balance in the evening for some peace and tranquility and my students love it when I use it on them during Savasana at the end of a yoga class.

Then comes AromaTouch, I typically use it after my daily physical activity, whatever that might be. After shower, I massage it wherever I feel a little ache or soreness, sometimes alone and sometimes mixed with other oils. A perfect blend for massage, something you can pamper your loved one with on a regular basis.

Last but not least, PastTense, in love with this one! I Usually roll it over my shoulders, back of my neck and sometimes along my spine, at night before bed. Being a photographer for over 21 years has it’s own perks, one of which is lot’s tension over your neck and shoulders.

Rodrigo, my beloved, loves this one for his occasional headaches, he rolls it on his temples, hair line, back of the ears and neck.

You see what I mean when I say, “Rescue Me”?! Real life story, day in day out. Trust me you want them in your home, you want them by your bed side, in the bathroom, in your bag, basically everywhere!

In this glorious month of June, this trio is on us, how amazing is that?!

You’ll be gifted “Balance + AromaTouch + PastTense” with any order of 200PV (200 product value almost equal to $200). It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true!

It’s the ideal time to get started with the essential oils, get your awesome wholesale account that gives you 25% off retail price, anytime you shop, no strings attached, join a magical community of caring loving people, who are here to support you every step of the way, and most importantly change the way you care for yourself, forever!

Here’s the best thing you can do for yourself today, click the link below, create your doTERRA account and choose YOU.

Two fabulous options:

1- Home essential Kit

Receive all top 10 oils, must have in every home +  the rockstar trio for free and save $168.00

2- Natural solution kit

A perfect companion to assist with healthy living goals, a taste of all that’s possible when you’re joining forces with doTERRA products + the rockstar trio for free and save $232.00

And don’t forget, on top all of that and much more, you’ll have me, here to love you and support you.

Do it today!



PS: Any questions? Email me:

Oh and in case you’re a fan of Madame X, this is for you 🙂

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