S.HE: Alsarah

When you are set to spend time with East-African retro pop singer, Alsarah, you know you are up for some fun time, lots of laughter, great conversations and amazing creative collaborations.

“When I was very little I had an imaginary friend that I would talk to all the time whom I also though was god. He was a very old man and he would talk to me all the time in my head. I don’t know why I made the connection with god in that age”, says Alsarah recalling her childhood in Sudan, where she was born and raised till she was 8 years old.

NS: What does “equality” mean to you?

A: Equality, means same access to life privileges, such as education,health,food and travel. To me that’s what creates equality and if you have access to these things, any life you have after that, becomes genuinely your choice, instead of some life that ends up happening to you.

As a women, equality means being able to have a career and a personal life. I feel like right now, women can have a career but no personal life, like in order to have one the other one has to give. I also think equality is being able to have the same negotiation in a conversation with someone and not being called a crazy b***ch for it, where a man would just be called a really hard negotiator, that simple!

NS: Is there anything in particular that you struggle with right now?

A: Well I have a hard time with the word struggle, because I start to think about what real struggle means and then I feel stupid when I complain, but I guess for me right now what I really struggle with is really letting go of my concept of what a successful stable life looks like. That’s what I’m trying to let go of by embracing a new way of living life and living it genuinely, seeing what that would be like.I want a global life style and I want to make that a reality, I want to be someone who can say I can live anywhere right now!

Thank you Alsarah for your strong soul, your talent and your voice.




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