S.HE: Patti Carpenter

Born in Washington DC, Patti Carpenter, has one of those smiles that stays with you for a very long time and when she laughs you totally forget all your worries, as if there is no tomorrow or that anything you dream is possible, she is that kind of energy.

After over 20 years of success as a fashion designer in the fashion district of NYC, Patti found her path heading in a different direction which led her to set up her own consulting company, Carpenter + Company, working with indigenous people around the world, predominantly women, assisting them to find a market for the hand made crafts that they do, so they can build a sustainable life style for their families and their communities.

After 15 years, when remembering the transition Patti says: “I knew that it wasn’t about just dumping more stuff in the world and it was about doing something meaningful with the skill set that I have.”

NS: What does “Equality” mean to you?

PC: Equality truly means justice for all, it means enough for everybody, which we are so out of balance with, it means that you don’t have to worry about things you have no control over in order to have a fair chance at having a wonderful life, a better life, a meaningful life.

NS: Is there anything you deeply want or wish for?

PC: I would like to have an impact in the world, in a meaningful way around the work that I do, and by that I mean that I’m starting to really focus on how to bring young people, young designers and creatives to this work and offering them the idea of thinking differently about how to use the skills they are learning and start utilizing those skills in a very non traditional way, so that they can continue to influence and have connections to the indigenous people around the world and care and connect to the world at large.

Thank you Patti, for receiving me so warmly, for your courage and for your smile.




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