Self Confidence Boost With These 4 Steps!

Enter Wonder Woman! 

I’m sure you know the WW standing pose, a reflection of strength, confidence and inner power. I believe she was born with it and so are you, but sometimes we tend to lose some of it as we move through life.
I didn’t have much of it as a young adult and in my early twenties. I was really good at covering it up, especially in my twenties, but the truth was, I had so little self confidence… It took me years to build that inner WW and I’m still a work in progress 🙂
Here are few things I’ve found super helpful throughout my journey:

1- Speak kindly to yourself / about yourself
Treating yourself with kindness when you make a mistake, fail, or experience a setback is so important!
self-compassion contributes to more consistent confidence so do your best to navigate these experiences with self-compassion.

2- Stand / sit in a posture of confidence 
When you stand and sit in a confident posture (long back, head up etc…) not only it impacts your body image but you also feel more confident energetically.

3- Stop comparing yourself to others 
When you compare yourself to others, you experience envy and the more envy you experience the worse you feel about yourself.

4- Engage in joyful movement daily
Regular physical activity improves your body image and when your body image is improved, you feel more confident.

Now if like me you’re on your WW journey, start with one of these and work your way up, one day at the time.Which one resonates the most? Which one you’re willing to take on first?
Tell me in the comments and most importantly, tell me how I can support you.


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