The 3 Most Important Ways To Reach Any Health Goal!

When was the last time you set a health goal, or any goal for that matter? 
Did you hit your goal?
Was it really hard? 
Did you give up halfway?

These questions are not meant to judge you or praise you, they’re just prompts for some real honest answers.
If you reached your goal, amazing, congratulations! I’m proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself and all your efforts. But if you haven’t these 3 steps below may help:

1- Measure how you feel after not before:
Create a visual, an image of how it will feel like, look like, be like, after you’ve hit your goal. See it and feel it in every part of your body as often as you can so you can remind yourself continuously why you’re doing and how you wish to feel because of it.

2- Plan for the Naysayer in your head:
There will always be resistance in your mind, be ready for it, so it doesn’t take you by surprise and steal your thunder away!
Create a dialogue or a script for every resistance that comes up, you can even write them down on note cards, and have them with you at all times, so when resistance kicks in (Ex: It’s ok if you don’t do it today, or do you really believe you can make this change or…) you can say it back to that vice in your head.

3- Be grateful:
Gratitude is where all of it is at!
Be grateful for having the opportunity to do what you’re doing, to have the ability to get support, to have the clarity to see what changes you wish to make and why.
Be grateful that you’ve arrived at a place in your life where you’re choosing YOU above all else and you’re committing to your health and happiness.

Now if you’re reached a health goal recently, tell me in the comments, I want to celebrate with you.
If you haven’t yet, tell me what’s getting in your way, I want to support you.


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