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Reconnect to your body, fall in love with food, nourish yourself, become fearless & free and change your life!

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Hello beautiful!
I’m so excited that you're here.
Now let’s start with you and some questions you may have!

Do you have a hard time looking at your body in the mirror, especially with no clothes on? And when you do look at yourself in the mirror, do you feel disappointed with the reflection staring right back at you?

Do you find yourself staring at your clothes in the closet and thinking what can I choose to wear today that will hide all the flaws and blobs and…?

Do you spend your precious time comparing yourself to other women? How do they look, feel and show up in their life?

Do you set up rules around “eating healthy” regularly, but then slip up and you think “well I may as well eat everything and start fresh tomorrow.”?

Do you weigh yourself everyday and the number on the scale determines if you’re going to have a good or bad day?

Do you stand in front of your fridge with doors open not sure what to cook next?

Do you dream of making delicious nourishing food at home, but most days, you have very little time and you’re not sure where to even start?

Have you missed moments in your life because you were worried about your body and how you look or about food and what NOT to eat, rather than being present in the moment and enjoying it the most?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, the “FOUNDATION” signature reset program is for YOU!

What’s the most important element in creating a life YOU love?

YOU got it, it begins with you, It's SELF LOVE!
The moment you start to embrace and appreciate all the things that make you unique, you begin to change your life.
You fall in love with the person you see in the mirror, you feel happy and alive in your own skin and super proud of your body, and most importantly you’re in-tune with who you are and live a life that you love.

I'm here to help you get there and I promise you, the journey will be a fun one.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to reconnect with your body and create a healthy and loving relationship with it, without judgement.
  • How to identify the underlying issues at the root of your relationship with food and your body, so that you can address them directly.
  • How to identify the inner critic aka fear and stop it right on its track, so that you can move forward and become the healthiest version of yourself. 
  • How to fall in love with food and cook meals that are quick and simple but delicious and nutritious.
  • How to create a lifestyle that suits YOU best, not what’s working for others or what the trend is.
  • How to love yourself to optimal health and welcome yourself home, to your body, everyday.

The Foundation Reset - Signature Program

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Foundation Reset: 12 weeks to create a new relationship with food and your body, based on the foundational pillars of health:

Mind/body connection * Nourishment * Movement * Rest

The foundation is designed to guide you through the fundamentals of health and wellness based on your bio-individual needs, teaching you to connect and listen to your body, eat what nourishes you, joyfully, and build an empowered mindset that will support your long term health and wellbeing.

What’s included:

  • 2 monthly zoom calls with Nousha to answer your questions and provide coaching on specific program topics. These calls are recorded so you can always watch them later.
  • Weekly online lessons that include: Videos, handouts and “growth work” for you to practice in your own time.
  • Access to our private community group, where you can connect with a community of like minded and supportive women.
  • 2 sessions with expert guests in the field of health and wellness
  • Access to our coaching team via email Monday to Friday 10 am - 4 pm 
  • Monthly downloadable meditations to support you in the journey


Nousha is an integrative nutrition health coach, essential oil specialist, artist and educator.
With over 20 years of experience in the creative world and the health and wellness industry, plus adding her Persian flare, her work offers a unique combination that supports your bio-individual health and wellness journey with precision and fun.

Recently relocated from NYC to LA, in her free time, Nousha loves spending time by the ocean, watching human interactions, making playlists just for fun, drinking a warm cup of tea while reading her favorite book and of course cooking a healthy and delicious meal.

Nousha is super passionate to empower every single person she meets. She stands firmly for women and women's right around the world, animals rights and cares deeply for the environment.

Her mission: taking daily steps to make the world a better place.


  • You’ll have lots of fun
  • You’ll get intimate with your body, your heart and the real YOU
  • You’ll create your own tailored daily healthy rituals
  • You’ll make some awesome new friends
  • You’ll take tons of uncomfortable actions!
  • You’ll overcome your own limiting beliefs 
  • You’ll breathe deeper and find stillness in your mind
  • You’ll discover a new connection with food 
  • You'll become super creative and efficient in the kitchen
  • You’ll fall in love with simplicity and clarity

And most importantly, you come home to your body and love yourself to optimal health!


Now it’s time to make a decision.
You can do nothing, and be exactly where you are now in one year from today or you can hop on board and reset your overall wellbeing and change your life.
(ONLY 12 spots available)


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