These 5 Things Are Sabotaging Your Health

And for the most part you’re not always aware you’re doing them, right? I know…

It’s a doozy…
These are the top 5 standing between you and your health:

1- You feel guilty about not taking care of yourself: Guilt is the killer of joy, so you can only imagine what it does to your overall well being.
2- You believe you need more time to be healthy: Time is your most precious asset, yes but I believe so is your health, so it’s safe to say, it’s crucial to make time for it.
3- Sleep is not your priority: Another sneaky one… Sleep is when your body repairs and renews itself, just knowing that should make you rethink the whole thing!
4- Most of the food you eat is made outside your home: That means you really don’t know what goes in your food, the quality of it and the environment it’s been prepared in, plus let’s not forget the LOVE factor that makes a huge difference in the food you eat.
5- You say lots of YES to lots of things and not enough YES to you: Oh this was a big one for me. Think about it, every time you say yes to something you’re saying no to something else, isn’t it time to make yourself and your well-being a priority?

It can, at times,  feel mysterious or even complicated but it doesn’t have to be. I really believe once awareness is created and cultivated, it opens the doors for you to start making changes, don’t you agree?
And I know it can get overwhelming, especially in the beginning and I’m here to support you in the best possible way I can, so click HERE and book your complimentary consult and let’s crack the code together.


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