Top 3 Reasons Why You May Feel Hungry!

How many times have you questioned your willpower when it comes to changing your food habits?
The truth is as long as you desire your old foods, chances are high that you’ll end up eating them again. And of course the advertising and the way the food industry manipulates your emotions doesn’t help either.

For you to be able to successfully create a lifestyle that you love, you need to set yourself free from these traps as well as pay attention to responses happening within your body.

And that’s how you’ll experience food freedom!
You’ll be able to look at a plate of your favorite food and decide consciously whether you want it or not, as opposed to being driven by incredibly strong impulses.
The first step in this process is to understand one of your basic human needs, which is HUNGER.

There are several reasons why you may feel hungry and these are the most common ones:

1- Being thirsty:
You’ll be surprised to know that very often when you’re thirsty you may experience a sense of hunger instead.
If you think about your ancestors then you realize this actually makes total sense. They didn’t carry water with them and they were used to getting their water from the food they consumed, so there you have it, this is a total ancient brain default and you can alleviate this kind of hunger by just drinking some water.

2- Nutritional need:
The one and only true hunger, telling you when your body really needs some nutrients!

3- Emotional need:
One of the trickiest and extremely common types of hunger and that’s when you connect food with emotions.
That’s when your mind plays tricks on you and makes you believe that in order to feel better you’ll need a certain type of food. And of course it’s where the advertising industry thrives in manipulating your emotions as well.

Once you connect on a deeper level with your body and get to know and understand the types of hunger you’re experiencing, you can begin the process of change.
And that’s what I really want for you, your ability to claim agency over your body, your food and your health!

If that’s something you’re aiming to achieve, I’d love to chat with you. Just CLICK HERE to book a complimentary consult call with me today, I can’t wait to hear all about you and support you on this journey.
Remember, change starts with you.

Much love,

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