Wellness with Awareness

Saturday October 9th.2021

8 am - 3 pm PST

Reclaim your divine goddess power

Are you felling disconnected from your body, your mind and your sensuality?
Are you letting the society's standards dictate how you feel about yourself?
What if I told you it doesn't have to be this way...


What will you learn

  • How to create easy and accessible beauty routines that you can do in no time no matter where you are
  • Uncover the biggest block preventing you from living your Dream Life so you can actually start living it
  • How to fall in love with food, reconnect to your body, and nourish yourself to optimal health 
  • Deepening in your self, recognizing your purpose and aligning with who you really are
  • Heal and awaken your erotic self and experience the spiritual side of sexuality and sexual healing

And it matters because...

  • The easier & more accessible  your self care routines are the more likely you'll be doing them!
  • You're here with a unique purpose and what better way to spend few hours and uncover what that purpose is
  • You can only remove your road blocks when you Identify them
  • You are what you absorb, the food you eat, the energy you consume, your living environment and... all have huge impact on your your overall health and wellbeing
  • Sexual healing is a doorway to a new you

Your tools

  • Using ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and simple routines to amplify you beauty
  • Journaling and meditation
  • The 5 core principles of creating a healthy life style
  • Breath work and womb practice
  • EFT (Tapping) and numerology
  • Open mind and presence and deep desire to learn explore


Nousha is an integrative nutrition health coach, essential oil specialist, artist and educator.
With over 20 years of experience in the creative world and the health and wellness industry, plus adding her Persian flare, her work offers a unique combination that supports your bio-individual health and wellness journey with precision and fun.

Fall in love with food, reconnect to your body, and nourish yourself to optimal health.

Join Nousha as she shares the 5 core principles of creating a healthy lifestyle. No matter how old you are, how busy you are and how much money you have in your bank account, these 5 steps will help you shift the way you look at your health and wellness, fall in love with food and most importantly fall in love with yourself!
Props needed: A journal, pen, water and your open mind



Cathy 2

Cathy Dirkx

Uncover the biggest block preventing you from living your Dream Life.

E-RYT 500, Intuitive Life Coach, 50- hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Program Director

In this workshop, Cathy invites you to dive into the fears preventing you from stepping forward towards your heart's desires and learn practical & mindful tips to empower you to live your best life.
Props needed: A journal, a pen, a blanket or pillow for meditation, and an open mind & heart.

Krystal 2

Krystal Tantric Yogi

Heal and awaken your erotic self by combining breath work with womb practices

Certified Tantra Yoga Instructor and Intimacy Coach Yoga

In this workshop, Krystal will introduce you to the fundamental practice of yoni breathing to begin your path to deep mental and emotional healing of your sexual energy. Experience the spiritual side of sexuality and sexual healing with yoni breathing!
Props: mat, pillows. Blankets, comfortable loose attire

Victoria -2

Victoria Martinez

Ayurveda- Inner and Outer Beauty Routines

E500 RYT - Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher and owner of Chakra Flow University

Join Victoria as she shares with you the Ayurvedic perspective on beauty and the 3 layers of beauty that are accessible to each of us. Victoria will then dive deeper into beauty routines that are easy and accessible.
Props needed: A mirror, wear your favorite color and a comfy outfit.


Karen Small

What does freedom mean to you?

Advanced EFT Practitioner,  Advanced Numerologist, an adventurer and lover of life

Karen believes freedom is landing back into yourself. When you find your connection to self you find your purpose and align with you you truly are. Join Karen and begin the journey back to self and reveal your unique code through numerology and EFT.
Props needed: A journal, favorite pen, water and the possibilities that awaits you!


Space is very limited, and it will sell out soon. Reserve your spot now!

Zoom link & final schedule will be sent to you 24 hours prior to the event.

Everything you need to create a life you love!