What if the only thing you needed to do was hopping in that plane!

Day dreaming about a fun, relaxing trip and no time to plan one?

Imagine a trip, somewhere far away from your office and emails, in the heart of nature, surrounded by mountains and lush forests, where you can practice yoga as you listen to the birds, have fresh organic farm to table food, prepared daily, float in a Himalayan crystal salt swimming pool while reading your favorite book, indulge in daily routines of self care, massage and aromatherapy, ride your bicycle through the hills and explore the lakes and fields and meditate in centuries old temples.

What if by doing all that you could also support other women who are willing to change their lives? And what if the only thing you needed to plan was your airline ticket?

 You are invited to close your eyes and let us do the rest! 

Gift yourself a week in the hills of Northern Thailand, with Dorian and I, reset and recharge ahead of the Spring equinox and let your adventures support “ Center for girls”, a non profit organization fighting for women’s rights, human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

What do you say? too good to be true? You’ll also save a sweet $400.00, when you sign up by November 20th. I know!!!!

Can I hear a YES PLEASE! Click HERE to learn more.



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