Nousha's process is professional yet warm; swift and precise while still smooth and easygoing. 

She is an amazing photographer and all-around beautiful person. She puts you at ease in front of the camera and is able to capture you at your maximum you-ness. After receiving my photos from her, I instantly sent them to all my best friends, they were all amazed, she had really found the extremes of my personality and balanced them elegantly within the shots.

~ Spring Cooper  

Associate Professor of Public Sexual Health


For those open to a collaborative experience, I highly recommend working with Nousha.

Nousha is amazing as a photographer but mainly as a human being. I can let go and trust that Nousha's eye and camera will capture something striking and beautiful.  ~ Sarah Tomlinson

 Yantra Teacher & Ayurvedic Astrologer. LA.
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The Experience: Chiang,Rai, Thailand - Feb.2019

A women only retreat where self love meets service.

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