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Wanna Stop Eating Your Emotions?

By Nousha | 01/23/2022 | 0 Comments

Emotional eating, as the name suggests, is driven by your motions and it can’t be satisfied with just any food. It comes in like a wave of craving for a very specific type of food, you eat way more than you wanted to and often leaves you feeling guilty and floating in shame.Sounds about right?I know …

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How To Love Your Body? (8 small ways to get started, even when it’s hard!)

By Nousha | 01/16/2022 | 0 Comments

Loving your body and having an intimate relationship with it, simply means taking good care of it.  When you’re tuning in and listening to your body, as opposed to following other people’s rules. When you catch yourself when you’re comparing your body to someone else’s and have to ability to remind yourself that your body …

How To Love Your Body? (8 small ways to get started, even when it’s hard!) Read More »

Choose Your Alternative Right!

By Nousha | 01/09/2022 | 0 Comments

Plant-based alternative milks have been a thing for a while now, and the good news is, there’s something for everyone!But how are you supposed to navigate the growing non-dairy aisle and decide what’s the right choice for you? First step let’s look at few things you want to look in alternative milks:1- Protein amount, 7-8g …

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Self Confidence Boost With These 4 Steps!

By Nousha | 01/02/2022 | 0 Comments

Enter Wonder Woman!  I’m sure you know the WW standing pose, a reflection of strength, confidence and inner power. I believe she was born with it and so are you, but sometimes we tend to lose some of it as we move through life.I didn’t have much of it as a young adult and in …

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Warm Beet & Sweet Potato Salad

By Nousha | 12/29/2021 | 0 Comments

Love salads but it’s too cold to have one?One of my usual dilemmas during the cooler time of the year. I don’t know about you, but my body eagerly rejects cold or raw food as soon as fall begins, it’s wild!Therefore I’m continuously in creation mode for warm and exciting food that can also, at …

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You Can Trust Your Body!

By Nousha | 12/19/2021 | 0 Comments

Ever wondered why you’re not really reaching the health goals you desire?I’ll tell you, because it’s a mistake I see so many women make over and over again. You look at the hot new trend in the market, what’s working for your best friend and you choose to do the exact same thing.And then… nothing. …

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